August 18, 2007

Vacation Knitting?

I did finish that sock from the last post, actually before we left. I got a good bit of the second one done before it got wet and Never dried. Everything that got wet never dried. We had a good time though. It was nice to see the family. Extended family being what they are and all. Nice to see them once every five years or so. The above is my Florida sock yarn. Really says Florida doesn't it! Or I'm on Acid. Also our shot glass. We get a shot glass wherever we go. We had a Florida one from our honeymoon to Disney World but it broke in a move. Thus a replacement was needed.

Little Bug got to see the ocean for the first time. She wasn't too impressed and told us she wanted to go to the pool. The water hurt her eyes and tasted bad and the waves (while being stupid tame) kept almost knocking her over. So we only stayed for an hour. She did love the pool at the hotel though. Kept jumping in at the 6ft end. A couple times when we were there to catch her. And let me tell you holding a two year old while treading water is Not fun. It was a nice week and really not that stressful. I always stress on vacations. I'm crazy like that. Drives Mr. Gnome crazy!

At the moment I'm working on a secret knitting project, well just a not to blogged about project. I'm putting off on the sleeves for Intoxicating. You see they are lace. I've never done lace. Doing lace for the first time as sleeves with silk yarn is a rather frightening idea. So I stall. But really I do need to do the above mentioned secret thinger. More about that later. Hopefully next time.

And I guess I should be packing. I have a month. And no place to put packed up boxes. My mother suggested taking down our table and using packed boxes as a table. It may come to that. Most of our things that go into boxes are on shelves, in closets or in drawers; there really is no floor space for them. Not to mention I hate packing. I have done all the packing the last three times we've moved! Then all the unpacking. Though that last really is for the best. Who knows where Mr. Gnome would put things.

To end on a knitting note I give you hairball:

This is a ball of yarn that came in that log like ball that I then smushed into a more ball like ball. It's huge and furry and rather freaky!

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