December 2, 2007

My Size Effins

Apple Sauce-Oat Bran Mini Muffins, or Effins as the Bug says. A new recipe from a new book, Veganomicon. Mmmmmm....

I got half way through #14 on the dishcloths and started thinking Yeay the middle this is the half way point and I'm not feeling any burn out. Yeah, I know, worst thing I could say to myself. So what do I do? I knit a hat.
ugh, check out that nose, Someone is celebrating Chanukah this week...
This is a Monster Hat from Insubordiknit, the final installment in her yarn club. I found it neat that the first was like outer space all black with planets, the second was like the morning sky all oranges and yellow, and this one is a lovely sky blue.
When I cast on for this hat Little Bug and I were .... discussing... who would get the hat. Never mind that I can cast on for a hat and it doesn't really matter if I'm making it for myself or my 2.5yr old. She has a big head. It is such a soft cozy yarn. And honestly more my color than the Bug's. This is where I won her over. She just isn't that into blue. She told me she wants an Orange Hat. Stay tuned next time for an "Orange" Hat. (Quotations to be explained.) Oh the back of MY hat. I put the eye more to the back so it could be my motherly eye in the back of my head.

I did get through that 14th dischloth and a fifteenth too (Five more to go!!!!!). Just haven't taken pictures of the latest four. I never intended to only picture four at a time, it's just worked out that way. Also, due to the obnoxiously early celebration of Chanukah this year there will not be an group picture of all the dishcloths. So bummed about this. Six are already packaged up and will go in the mail tomorrow.

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