February 9, 2008

One and a half

I finished my mittens! And I love them! They fit great, they look good, and they are so cozy! They are the Broad Street Mittens with Louet Gems Sport Weight. I rather liked the yarn. It is soft but not so soft that it won't hold up to mittens. I think they will be quite warm. It is supposed to be in the 20s tomorrow so I'm sure I'll find out. I just need to find the right buttons to hold down the flappy bits.
I also finished one sock. You know the sock I started back in September. Socks are a slow thing here. I used to only work on them when I was out. Now I've learned how to knit and read to the Little Bug they will go a touch faster. These also took a long hiatus during the dishcloth extravaganza.

I need to get a good close up they really do look like dragon scales. And no, they are not done in this picture. This is when I tried them on and realized I only needed to do one more repeat and the ribbing. You get the idea.

I fixed the problem with the Arwen cabling. Wasn't a big deal and I actually learned a lot about the cable because of that mistake. I don't have to keep track anymore I can tell where I am. Very nice. Tonight I shall start my LOTR marathon as is appropriate for such a knit.

Monday night I shall learn to crochet. I'll let you know how that goes...

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JCG said...

Love the sock.
You learned how to crochet when you were little. It will come back to you.