March 3, 2008

Medicinal Knitting and Yarn

After the ordeal at the vet Little Bug and I went to Mr. Gnome's work for some hugs. We decided to walk home so Mr. Gnome could have the car. I was sad and in need of comfort yarn. There is a LYS on our walk home, well on if you take a two block detour.

I got some yummy wool mohair yarn in bright hand dyed red knowing exactly what I was going to use it for. I got home and cast on.

I'd been wanting to make the Maine Morning Mitts from the Book of Yarn. I'll admit it I'm a lover of the fingerless gloves.

Little Bug still asks how TJ is doing. We got a sympathy card from the vet today. It was nice but it re-opened the healing wound. Thanks to all for your messages of sympathy. You guys are great.

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