March 8, 2008

Scaley legs

I finally finished the socks I've been knitting since October. Really. They did get put on the very far back burner during the entire Christmas Dishcloth Extravaganza. And I do only knit on them when I'm out or when I get a minute to knit upstairs. Perfecting my ability to read to the Bug and knit at the same time sped things up a bit. It also should be noted that it takes a long time to grow a dragon, they are big after all.

See the dragon scales??!! No? Well then you have to come to my house and stare at my feet. Still can't see them? Then I pity you for not living in my head where socks can look like dragon scales.

I had wanted my next venture into sock world to be making the Kaylee socks (Ravelry link). But alas the pattern is currently unavailable. I thought for a few seconds about just waiting. But then thought better and cast on for some plain socks. No picture like I said they are plain. More later, perhaps.

Yes, that Kaylee, you see my need, my obsession? sigh.

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