March 17, 2008

Who's got the crafty?

When I don't have crafties to show I show the kid's crafties. She comes in handy like that.
We died some eggs the other day. Not for any relation to Easter, just because I always liked it as a kid. Little Bug really enjoyed dipping the eggs and writing on them with the "magic" crayon.

I got her some finger paints which as you can see also became arm paints. Yes, that is paint on the wall from a previous painting experience. *sigh* She painted some posters. The middle one is actually water colors.
So you can see some creating is still happening here. Actually The Cardigan for Arwen is coming along I'm almost done with the right side. However the thing just doesn't photograph well. It's so big and weird looking. My parents were in town this week and I showed them the finished left side. Now my mom knits and my dad's mother used to knit and they are both creative minded people. But they looked at it with the look of someone looking at a child's picture. Not wanting to ask what it was but clearly having no idea what it could possibly be. Soon my pretties soon it will look like a cardigan and all will be good. I just hope I finish it before it gets too warm.

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