April 3, 2008


The bug now has four tea cups and saucers for her set. However the last one has a slight imperfection. I'm insisting it gives the set character. Do you see it? The bug didn't either.

Now you can either congratulate yourself for being more observant than a three-year-old, or not feel too bad b/c you are as observant as a three year old. Though I'll admit I didn't notice until I was weaving in the ends.

The set also now has a creamer. Don't feel bad if you think it just looks like a giant tea cup I think so too. The handle is different. Next the spoons.

Also a bit about the tomato blueberry. Now I was planning on taking a color work class at the LYS in May. So what do I do? Cast on for a sweater with color work. I started the color part the other night and it looks like ass. Not happy. Need help. So it is put aside. I wanted to start some fingerless gloves. What more? Yes more. But need smaller needles. I'm feeling adrift in my land of knitting.


Meghan said...

Not seeing the difference. Fill me in please. Then I can lie and say, "oh, i noticed that!".

Meghan said...

I looked a little harder, and now I see that one has an extra purple stripe.