April 11, 2008

Spoon Woman

Spoons for the tea set. Knit with Berroco Metallic FX, it was fun knitting with something so shiny, I'm not sure when else I'd use such a yarn. Spoons are a true necessity if you are putting cream in your tea. Well I think you need more than spoons if you are putting cream in your tea. Taste buds maybe. Anyway. They are spoons. If you see anything else I really can't help you. And I'm sorry.
Spoons in use. Not sure why one is through the handle for the creamer. Sometimes it is best not to ask. The Bug's usual response lately is, "It happens mom". Can't really argue with that life truth.


Meghan said...

Gee, was that directed at me? I see spoons!

jcg said...

Bug is wise beyond her years.