June 16, 2008


Is a horrible time of day.

Yesterday we went to the pool. A grand time was had by all. However, Little Bug missed the memo on children going to sleep with ease at bedtime after an afternoon spent playing in the pool. She went to bed two hours late instead. How is beyond me she was playing hard! Then this morning she was up and ready to go at 5:30am.

To convince myself that being up at such a horrible hour wasn't the end of the world I made oatmeal pancakes. (no picture they were quite ugly for all their yummieness)

By 1 I had hit a massive slump and could. not. wake. up. My attempts at hot cocoa were thwarted by rotten hot cocoa mix. So I did what anyone would do in that situation; I made cookies. It should be noted that the Bug was still going strong.

Wakes you right up doesn't it. mmmmmm

My foggy brain had forgotten that I had rolls rising since before I started the cookies. Thus super poofy rolls.

I like them that way so all is good.

And so you see that I can eat healthy dinner was "clean out the fridge primavera" with baby swiss chard from the garden. Also sage, oregano and spicy bush basil from the garden. The spicy basil is the sprig on top. This is my first year with this stuff and I Love it. It smells great, has a funky kind of spicy taste (duh) and grows in these cute little bushes that replenish picked leaves super fast.

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