June 21, 2008

But is it art?

Before we bought the house the previous owner had some branches cut down. He had paid some guy to cut them down and take them away. When we bought the house the branches were still in the yard. Shortly after we moved in the guy who was supposed to take the branches away came by to tell us that he was getting a new trailer and then he'd be able to take away the branches. And by the way he used to cut the previous owner's lawn and would we be interested in that service. Not being interested in paying someone to do something we can do ourselves we declined. Surprise, surprise he never came to get the branches.
So we cut them up and made a trellis for the peas. This is only about half of the wood we'll use the rest when we go camping next month. Of course we stuck this in the ground After planting the peas so we still have the string but it'll be cool next year.

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