June 13, 2008

One Ball Gone

The one day I can take time to take pictures of the knitting it is storming. Of course the storming is the reason I have the chance to take any pictures. These are not good representations of the greens. But you get the idea. Maybe.
Actually you can't even tell that either of them are green can you? They are trust me.
This is the Bubbly Curtain from Mason Dixon Knitting. We want a new curtain in the bathroom. This is adjusted to fit out window which is larger than the pattern by quite a bit. Which of course I didn't think about until After I'd bought the yarn. The bottom has more yarn overs and I have done more of those rows in an attempts to get more out of the yarn. This is the first skein and is only about a third of the window. The top has way less yarn overs and will eat up more yarn. I'm going to run out.... sigh... Also it should be noted that Euroflax (I'm using the recommended yarn again, crazy!) is a B.. to wind! Tangly little bastard!

Half way through the Antler's Scarf for Mr. Gnome. I got too much yarn for this one. It's either feast or famine over here. I'm still not a lover of scarves. I like to wear them well enough but knitting them has never appealed to me. This pattern however isn't half bad. All the cabling keeps it somewhat interesting. Though at half way through it's still just knitting a long rectangle. snorr.

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Nicole said...

Yeah, I dont get scarves either, but I really like the looks of that one.