August 26, 2008


Friday I left the sock at a play date. Sad, sad day. I'll get it again I just have to wait an Entire week!!!! What to do, what to do.
I'd been wanting to make Little Bug some arm warmers. And needed something that didn't take too much concentration to bring to knitting on Sunday. So I cast on Saturday and.....

finished Sunday.... So much for that getting me through the week. Doesn't she look like a brooding rocker chick? She thinks they are very cool and I'm quite pleased as well. Just a tube knit 1x1 with a thumb hole. I made the hole by casting off three stitches then on the next round casting those three stitches back on. It's Lamb's Pride yarn that was in my Stitch N Pitch goody bag knit up on 6s. So not only was it fast it was free too. Can't beat that!

Oh and pictures from the knitting Olympic ceremony if you are interested.

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