August 19, 2008

I'm a flower fairy...

I'm a flower fairy. That's what Little Bug likes to chant whenever she is running around outside holding a flower. She often gets me to sing along too. And now that Titania is finished I am truly a fairy!

There it is. Rather looks like a reflection in a carnival mirror. But that is what it looks like. Maybe I look like a carnival mirror.... My back doesn't look like a carnival mirror. That's good I suppose.

Close up. Oooooh.

OK so to review. The pattern was Titania. The yarn was King Tut by Knitting Fever, slippery stuff and a bit splitty, but no more than one would expect from cotton. It's soft and comfy to wear. The pattern's measurements had me as a small at the waist and a medium at the bust. I know it's a hard life. So I cast on for the small then increased up to a medium. And as you can see it's quite fitting. I also made the body a little longer and the sleeves a little shorter. The open lace work makes it a bit...well not something I'd just wear to the grocery store. Not unless I was picking up a fairy prince at the grocery store. I told Mr. Gnome we have to go on a date so I can wear it.

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Nicole said...

Thats beautiful! and, I must say, I am totally jealous that you can 1) knit it and 2) wear it :)