September 15, 2008

knitting knitting everywhere

I have started the Holiday knitting. Lucky for you, or not, depending on how you really feel, the first holiday knit is for a non-blog reader. He doesn't read the blog because he's my baby nephew; can't read.

Cardigan, minus buttons. The pattern is from The Knitter's Book of Yarn. The yarn is Rhapsody Dark Horse. This was a crazy fast knit, size 6 month and knit up on size 9 needles. yeay, fast. Simple, but interesting.
There may not be too many holiday knits that I can blog about. Except Dishcloth Extravaganza 2008. The Extravaganza will be less extravagant this year. We aren't visiting Vermont this year so there are no relatives we only talk to at such gatherings to give gifts to. Thus fewer dishcloths. Though it should still be a good month of me knitting just dishcloths and that is always fun to watch.
To change the subject completely. When I first started this blog I was thinking I'd talk about the books we get from the library; when it's a good one. But it just hasn't happened. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the summer that the Bug and I would walk to the library once a week. We did. Every week we'd pick a nice day when it wouldn't be too hot or rainy and we went to the library. I loved the excuse to walk. I like to walk but I like it have a purpose. The Bug loves the library. The husband even came a few times and picked out books. This will of course continue into the fall with story time. Just now I won't be able to go a different day if it's raining. Anyhow. I found a book this past week. The Surprise by Sylvia van Ommen. Intrigued by the sheep on the scooter I picked it up. It's so cute. No words so the Bug is free to tell me the story. The sheep on the cover gets some dye, dies his wool, shaves himself and brings the wool to this poodle. Crazy pink spinning poodle. I find it amusing that she is smoking others, I'm sure, will find it horrible. She's like the crazy old blue haired lady who stays active and still after all these years smokes. I'm sure she has a husky voice and horrible teeth. Quite the character.
Then the sheep winds his wool and knits and knits and knits. I love how the yawn; been there my friend, been there. I won't tell you what he makes or for who. That would ruin the surprise.

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Meghan said...

Looks like a cute book! You have me intrigued - I am not big on surprises. Anyway, I too want to somehow blog about what we are reading.