September 1, 2008


Mr. Gnome has gone back to work. It's been a few weeks but the first week was a normal person's 9-5. Last week and for the next month it is every day and almost every night. I think he has a day off in Oct. On the nights when he is not home I don't really make dinner. Nothing interesting or involved at least. The Bug is still at the stage where she will only eat a handful of things. And heaven forbid should they be touching.

One of my not really cooking dinners is quesadillas. Which for me is just frozen corn and spinach with cheese and salsa on a tortilla, maybe with some yogurt. Satisfying and easy and rather cheap really. Sometimes I'll through in beans or other veggies depending on what we have.

The Little Bug likes tortillas, she likes cheese, and she likes frozen peas. I cook my frozen veggies she still likes the frozen. She put hers together like this the other night, thought about eating it, then her three-year-old self took over and she took it apart.


Meghan said...

i think i will take yours over hers. i prefer mine to be at leat room temperature.

Nicole said...

ahhh, the joys of young ones eating habits:)