November 9, 2008

Hats and the movies they love

Masculine Thorpe for my brother. Modeled on Mr. Gnome in case you were wondering if we were in West Virginia. Made masculine with manly colors and no braids coming off the ear flaps, and just bigger. It reminds me of those old foot ball helmets. Maybe Josh will look like George Clooney in it. The gray is Plymouth Encore Bulky, the brown is some sort of left over, and the green is Elann's bulky. Quick and easy knit. Hope the cow likes it.
This week I made Lyra's hat for the Bug. The hat is inspired by a hat worn in the Golden Compass. We watched this movie a few months ago and while watching I kept thinking "wow those are some neat knits, I'll have to Ravelry Golden Compass". And thus Ravelry is used as a verb. There is an entire group for this movie figuring out how to make all those things that made me say "hey that's neat". Fun and geeky. This hat is so thick and so warm it'll be great on windy days. This turned into a bit of a stash buster too. Three different partial pink balls and the last of a some bulky white went into this hat. It's big it's pink; the Bug loves it


Nicole said...

Oh, I have been thinking about making Lyra's cute:)

jcg said...

I can definitely see Cow in that hat.
Love the Bug's hat too.