November 20, 2008


You know I have nothing to show when I show you food. You can probably guess things are really desperate when the food isn't even cooked. This is one clove of garlic. I got the bulb at the farmer's market a few weeks ago. Since one clove equals more like three it's lasted me a while. I love garlic and all but this is crazy!I've been wanting to make the Vegan Goldfish Crackers for a while. Not having a goldfish shaped cookie cutter (and wondering if it being goldfish shaped would negate the vegan ingredients) we used a small heart shaped cutter. Hearts of gold I call them. These are the second batch waiting to go in the oven. They're pretty good, very basic, but then the Bug likes basic. Wow look knitting! This is the pillow I'm making my youngest brother. It's the pattern for the beer pillow from Son of Stitch N Bitch remade to be a bottle of Mountain Dew. The kid (well he's 22) loves the stuff. It's a little weird really. I'm going to outline the words with white and then it gets sewn up. He's either going to think it's cool or think I'm crazy. Well I guess he might think both. Both would be good.

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Rebecca said...

Hmm, those crackers even sound good :)
I used to have a little fish cutter, it came with a kit to make your own cat treats. I wonder if that is still around.

That pillow is.. wow...