January 9, 2009

Just a bit of what's going on

Half started stuff seems so dull after fun finished things. But that is where we are my friends.
I have been dreaming about the Winter Twilight Mitts. I kept seeing it in the sky in all of its different potentials. I've also just wanted some black or purple fingerless gloves. I cast on for these Sunday when I got to run away and knit at Knitty all afternoon. mmmmm...good times.

Then there are the ugliest Rainbow Socks ever made. I like saturation and this yarn isn't. Also I bought this yarn a while ago with the intention of making these socks. I ordered it online and then didn't really really look at it when I got it. It wasn't until I cast on that I realized how freakishly long the color repeats are. Not what I think works best for the Rainbow Socks. Will have to try again with more appropriate yarn.

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