January 30, 2009

March of the FOs

Those finished objects keep marching on. Or so it seems I suppose.

In reality this scarf is because I was having a dilemma. Scarf, by the way, is just 1x1 rib with Gianna on size 9, I'm calling it Black & Tan (which might mean something to someone). Generally as I'm finishing up a project I begin to dream about the next. Fairly common I'm sure. After the fingerless gloves I was going to start on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I had the yarn all ready and waiting. I did the gauge swatch and..... it wasn't going to happen. I wasn't getting anywhere near what I wanted. The fabric would've just been to thick. Heavy worsted doesn't can't work with Aran; not too surprising I know. This meant I had to change gears, pick something else to knit. However, I'd been thinking about this sweater for weeks.

At the same time I was also working on starting the next pair of socks. I Thought I knew what I wanted that to be as well. This time Light fingering doesn't equal sport.

Two times in one day having to change gears. Having to get excited about something else. But what. We all know I have the yarn for other sweaters and socks. Sweaters and socks I want to make. But when I'm excited about something and plan on doing it I have problems changing and doing something else. Even if I want to do it. In the end I bought Gytha, which caused other drama because I don't currently have a printer. This is when I just pulled out the yarn for this scarf. I'd always wanted it to be a scarf but had whined about the boredom of doing 1x1 rib for that long. It was actually nice. After the past two knits I needed something very basic. This was it. I didn't even make sure the stripes were even I just knit until the ball was done and went to the next.

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