March 4, 2009

Tweedy goodness

Gytha is sitting on the side lines awaiting another ball of yarn.

So what to do?

Start another sweater of course!

This is Jo Sharp Silkroad. I had gotten this yarn last year during the LYS crawl. It was on sale and lovely! I didn't know what it would be. I just knew it had to be something that I could have against my body. But also needed to have decent drape; 10% silk you know. It also needed to be relatively simple so as to showcase the tweedy goodness. I found Tweed at the local library, have I said lately how much I love my library. The book is full of designs to show off the tweedy goodness. This pattern is for a different yarn that has the silk needs built in. Just a tad of drape. Elegant. The above is the finished back. On to do the front and oooh over how lovely this feels in my hands. Mr. Gnome has been home this week and the poor boy has to deal with me rubbing it on him.

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