May 5, 2009


The Knit Along Fervour has moved into Chronic Knit Along Disease. I wouldn't be surprised if this spreads and is considered a massive pandemic. Face masks won't help.

There is a of course the year long sock a month with the LYS. This month I'm doing Cookie A's Twisted Flour Sock Pattern. Fiddly but fun.Still chugging along on AeRang for the Dwarf part of One Shawl to Rule Them All knit along on Ravelry. I'm about half way through the fourth repeat and had to move to longer needles. The pattern calls for doing five but I think I'll be doing about seven so I can use up all the yarn.On Sunday a bunch of people met at the LYS to start the newest summer lace knit along. Juno Regina, I'm using Bambino in the Sea Monster colorway. I loved the colors, which are brighter in real life, and then saw the name. I like the idea of wrapping a sea monster around my neck.

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