May 18, 2009

Lady Bug Girl!!!

Back in January we got Ladybug Girl as a post holiday sale at Borders. The Bug had liked ladybugs before but since reading this book she is in love. Ladybug Girl is a bout a little girl who's dressed up like a ladybug. Her big brother doesn't want to play with her because she's too small. Her parents are doing a project. Thus she is left alone to entertain herself. At the end she realizes all the cool stuff she did on her own and declares "Ladybug Girl is Not little!". A sentiment The Bug can really identify with.

I recently found this sundress pattern. As soon as The Bug saw it she informed me that she wanted hers to be yellow. We went to the fabric store to get yellow fabric and found some with orange flowers and ladybugs all over it. She was quite excited.

The knitting took no time at all. It's Sugar & Cream the black dots were an almost last minute idea. I like how it turned out a lot. It's supposed to last two years and I really hope it does. As soon as i finished she wanted to put it on and run around yelling, "I'm Ladybug Girl, I'm Ladybug Girl!". Noting is more fun than an appreciated knit. I love how she appreciates things that are made just for her and is so aware of where things come from. I like to think that my knitting and sporadic sewing along with cooking from scratch play a larger part in that.


jcg said...

That is so cute! You did a terrific job!! She's a great kid and I'm not at all prejudiced.

Meghan said...

adorable! i am lovin' the action shots, and i can totally hear her shouting "i'm ladybug girl!"

Knitty said...

Makes your Bug look even more adorable. What a cute dress!