September 29, 2009


Since November 1st last year The Bug has wanted to be a Mermaid for next Halloween. She's been telling us and anyone else who will listen. I really thought she'd change her mind or get interested in something else before now. And still she wants to be a mermaid. Then I found a pattern for a knitted Mermaid Costume! I'm a little too excited about this but it's just so cool! The only pictures of the finished costume I could find are on Ravelry, so check that out if you can. The pattern is Splash from New Knits on the Block. This book has so many great knitted costume ideas.
I've adapted it so I can knit the skirt in the round. So far a tail and a tiny bit of skirt.


Nicole said...

That is awesome!!!!

jcg said...

This going to be so cool. I can't wait to see her in it. Great color too.