October 25, 2009


The Bug in her Halloween Costume.

The Botanical Garden had a Ghouls in the Garden member even today and we went. It was very fun. Their were different tables where the kids could trick or treat. Each table was a different theme. The tables were really well designed and the people manning the tables were in very neat and clever costumes. It was a great fun. After playing in the kid's area The Bug declared that she would eat her popcorn and then the apple on the way to lunch and that after lunch she'd have a treat. Sounded like a good and well thought out plan to me.
We are both very happy with how the costume turned out. She sewed the round sparkles onto her tail I just did the knots. The seaweed in her hair was a fun touch.


Meghan said...

adorable! i love it!

jcg said...

Fantastic!! The best looking mermaid ever. Love it.

Michelle said...

I LOVE it, what a great costume! Hands down the best costume I've seen all year.