October 10, 2009

I have been knitting!

Finally finished the Sunrise Circle Jacket. After more false starts than can be counted and some annoying gauge issues. It is done.
Now I knew I wasn't getting row gauge; who ever does. But for this pattern it was important ino order to make the back to fit into the fronts. So I made the fronts first then the back as long as it needed to be to fit into the fronts. If I had followed the pattern the back would have been way shorter than the fronts and nothing would have fit together.

The yarn was Irish Ewe, an Organic Irish yarn that I think is discontinued now. It's a wee bit scratchy but not too bad and I'll probably usually have a long sleeve shirt on anyway. The buttons came from the consignment shop Alice's where I usually buy my buttons. Fun and funky.
This sweater has been done for almost a week now. I just needed my photographer to be home.

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Meghan said...

love this! and the buttons are great!