October 16, 2009

October Socks

The October Socks are Done! The big plain gray October socks are done. I know I'll do Gray socks right after doing a pair of gray socks during the grayest month of the year. Not my smartest move. On the bright side, if there is anything bright in this state of perpetual rain, I have one more Christmas Gift crossed off my list. These are for the FIL, the yarn is New England Shetland, which I thought would appeal since he lives in Vermont. Upon closer examination of the yarn band you find out that New England is New Hampshire. Now Vermonters call New Hampshirers (?) upside down and viceversa. Because they think the other state looks like their own state only upside down. I know, weird. So the yarn is upside down. I made them toe up which to some people is upside down. Anyway, they are done and I'm on to more colorful socks for November.

1 comment:

jcg said...

I'm sure your FIL will love them.
You do need some color in your knitting life now.