November 25, 2009

Paper Mache

I borrowed Handmade Home from the library a few weeks ago. We've been making stuff from it. Only some things can be shown at this time however. One being the paper mache bowls!The bug made her bowl first. We used lots of newspaper for the inner layers. After the first layer the bug was so proud; then I told her we had to do at least for more layers. That was a bit daunting and I helper her after that. Then the last layer we used two cut up pages from a Curious George coloring book. You can kind of see him in this picture.
You can see him best on the bottom. As soon as it was dry enough to use she went outside and filled it up with leaves and sticks.

Then, so as not to miss out on the fun and because there was still a lot of glue left I made a bowl too. The first and last layers are from the napkins used at Mr. Gnome and my wedding. I put the flowers on the inside and our names and wedding date are on the outside. The napkins were a lot harder to use; they really wanted to fall apart.

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