December 21, 2009


This is what the Bug and I made for Mr. Gnome this year. It's from Handmade Home (I really don't think I can be told I don't give gift hints). Bug saw it when we first borrowed the book and proclaimed immediately that she wanted to do that. I suggested she make one for each of her grandparents. This was a very rare case where I say make this and she was all about doing it. She has only recently started drawing people. We used old clothes of her's for the back and found the ribbon in a consignment store. Each of he five grandparents got a bookmark. And I didn't take a picture of a single one. sigh...... Hopefully Mr. Gnome's will give you a vague idea of what we did.
I also made a friend a pair of fingerless gloves and didn't take a picture of those. Really off my game this year!

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Rebecca said...

Love it! I'm hoping to post pictures of the ones we made after they've been given.