January 27, 2010


In case you haven't noticed I'm a bit of a sucker for the knit a long. You say it I'll be there with yarn in hand. It's fun and a nice adventure and makes you break out of your mold a bit. Now I've taken it to new level; I joined the ravelery group for kool aid dyers. I've wanted to dye yarn for a while now and this has inspired me and given me a place to start. They have monthly Dye a long where a theme or color is suggested. This month was purple nice and easy one color.

I read after the fact that it's recommended to use two kool aid packs per 50g. I used two on 100g. I think that is the reason mostly for the splotchy. I've been doing more reading and am feeling excited about February. The bug also thought it was a lot of fun. She'd never seen kool aid packets before. There is a pitcher of purple liquid and grapes on the outside of the packet; she informed that it was juice. I explained that it didn't actually have any fruit in it though. This confused her then once she smelled that fakey grape she wasn't at all interested in the juice.

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Meghan said...

the boys know kool-aid as an ingredient to playdough. LOL