January 14, 2010

Scottish Oat Cakes

I love getting the new Vegetarian Times in the mail every month. I'm not the sort of person who likes to make the same thing over and over (this is true for knitting too). Yes, there are a few stand byes because they are quick, or cheap, or just very good (less true for knitting). But I just love a new recipe. The February edition came today and I immediately sat down to start meal planning. I make a list of everything I want to make and what I'll need to make each. I'll get what I need as the weeks go by, there are usually way more recipes I want to try than can fit in a week.

These Scottish Oatcakes are in this month's and they are very yummy. It makes 24 and there are now 11 left. These have homemade apple butter on them and they've also been enjoyed with homemade strawberry/raspberry jam.

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