February 10, 2010

February DAL

The February Dye Along theme was "February Stars", pretty much what does February mean to you because there are so many things that happen in February. I'm generally a bah hum bug Valentines Day sort of person. This February also marks ten years of Mr Gnome and I being a couple. And well we feel that ten years is nothing to bah hum bug. I was going for a red that gets really dark red in places. But well I'm just not that experienced so this is what i got. It does get darker in places just not as dark as I was hoping for. This picture is actually lighter than the real thing. We used 5 packets of Kool Aid Cherry (a kool aid link for Mr. Gnome since apparently the reason to have a blog is so you can link things) then sprinkled two packets of Blueberry Blast on top. You can just barley see some blue on the bottom. We are so having fun with this and can't wait for March. The other plus to the monthly DAL is that it adds yarn to the stash slowly. Yes, I have a big of undyed in the drawers, but you know that doesn't count towards stash, it's not ready to knit.

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i like it.