February 5, 2010

hat hat hat

Remember that lovely hat I made the Bug back in the fall. It was so fun and looked so nice and was made well before the really cold weather struck so she'd have a nice hat for winter. Yeay, well, she lost it. I don't even know when I just know it's gone. sigh..... So now that we are into winter and cold wet stuff of various types are falling from the sky I'm making her another hat. A much simpler and I think a little uglier hat.

This is yarn I got at the Stitch N Pitch and I'm glad because if I'd paid for it I would not be happy. It's Allegro which is some wool blend, it's really loopy and thus really really splitty and looks kind of weird. But the Bug is big into orange right now so she's happy. When I asked her what kind of hat she wanted she said with ear flaps and ties that go down to her feet. Well I don't now about down to her feet; she does tend to trip just turning around. But maybe down to her waist. Now I just have the two balls and don't know far I'll get with them. So I am making this hat top down. Kind of like how you make socks toe up if you want to use all your yarn this way I can make those ties as long as possible or to her waist, whichever comes first.

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