February 18, 2010

One Singular Miten

Just in time for the snow to melt I finish the first mitten. It's not looking like these will be worn this winter. Ah well. Here's to cozy hands next winter!

Pictures was taken by the Bug. Photography is one of her new found hobbies. She has a lot of fun. So the mitten and yes there will be another one I am not going to fall for any one-mitten-itis! Ok the mitten. It's O-Wool done up on 0s and 1s like I said before Vespergyle is the pattern. A nice enough pattern though not for a beginner since the chart and instructions assume you know a bit about what you are doing. I only needed the chart for the first diamond or so then it is pretty easy to see what needed to happen next. I did one less set of diamonds before decreasing. I'm glad I did too it would have been silly long if I'd kept going, as is it fits great. The mitten in the picture has not been blocked this is my reason for the wonky look. Though you might notice the mistake. The mistake that will mark this as the left mitten ensuring said mistake to the palm side of the mitten. Hopefully I don't make a mistake on the same side of the next mitten or I'll have two left mittens.

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