March 11, 2010


Can't believe this was five years ago.
My baby is five, she has declared that she is almost grown up. She believes she can walk around a store without me because she is so grown up. But she is only almost because she can't read on her own yet. She sings and dances everywhere. When she meets someone new she freely tells them her name and spells it out. She loves doing crafts, reading, practicing her tricycle, playing with her babies and telling stories. She wants to be a fashion designer, a ballerina, an artist, and a mom.
She will run anywhere decreeing that she is full of Magic.


Knitty said...

She's a beautiful lady!

Meghan said...

i love her! the picture of her reading in the rocking chair is gorgeous.

ariel said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl!

jcg said...

Thanks Joey, you made a grandma cry. Miss you guys.