March 31, 2010


I've been meaning to make The Bug some curtains since we moved into this house over two years ago. Lately I've been struck by some kind of sewing bug. The symptoms have been the purchasing of sewing books and fabric and a very strong desire to cut the fabric then sew it into something. Very odd one might even say unnatural.These two curtains match the one I made for her door way back. At the time I didn't think I wanted the window curtains to be the same as the door curtain. But now I can't remember my reasoning for that. I had a ton of this fabric still; store going out of business minimum five yard rule and all. I found the fuzzy beady stuff in a remnant bin at a craft store. Make's it even more whimsical and child-like.
The strangest part of the whole process, and yes it was very simple two rectangles with hems all around and ribbons sewn on though the fuzzy stuff is sewn on by hand, was that at no point did I get really frustrated and cranky like I used to when I'd sew. Odd indeed. Who knows what this sewing virus will bring in the future.