March 17, 2010

Never an Empty Knitting Spot

Generally there are about three knitting pots. The complex downstairs thing, this has been the Mystery Shawl for the past eternity. The less complex thing, can at least be done with the husband in the room; still can't do lace with him around. Tried the other week; screwed up almost immediately. And the Traveling thing; used to be socks until the sock burn out of 2009. Lastly the traveling thing was the mittens. Those being done I cast on for a pair of Marywarmers. I've wanted to do these fingerless gloves since the Fingerless Glove Fanatics did it for a knit along last Autumn. Totally not being able to do it then I do it now. In the lovely KA hand dye from January.

I like how it's knitting up. Kind of stripey but not.

Photographed on a green blanket for green day.

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