April 11, 2010

April DAL

April Dye A Long's theme is Citrus.
We did the bottom one first. Using Limeade (green), Orange (orange), and Lemonade (yellow) we painted the yarn with syringes. The lemonade was crazy light in color so we switched to yellow Easter egg dye. That gave us the bright yellow. This will someday be some very crazy socks.
Second we did the yellow one. After the above experience I knew I wasn't going to use lemonade to paint yellow again. So I tried dying it in the pot. It took 20, yes 20, packets to get this result. Now I know I will never use lemonade for dying in general. Live and learn. This will be socks for Mr. Gnome. A while back when I asked him what color socks I should knit for him next he said yellow. Now you might think he was joking. Well maybe a little but mostly not. He has a pair of store bought yellow socks and wears them regularly.
This was a fun bright dye along to welcome in Spring. And it's nice to have a month free of Scurvy.


jcg said...

Pretty and happy colors.

Eileen said...

Ah yes, scurvy. It can be a major problem in St. Louis.

Christina said...

Really like the bright yellow.

BTW,I was you math teacher at Huguenot Academy and knit with your Mom on Tuesday nights. Nice to see you all grown up!
Christina King