June 1, 2010

And Now

Now that I've almost caught up on the things that Had been happening (I seriously need Mr. Gnome to take some pictures!) we can talk about what I am currently knitting. Nothing better than living in the moment.
This is the front and back, unblocked, of the Apres Surf Hoodie (why doesn't blogger like the word hoodie?). When the Hemlock Ring Blanket was getting too big to leave the house I started this sweater. It is going faster than I thought it would, fingering weight yarn and size 2s. I say this however it still needs two sleeves, the bottom of the body and sleeves are provisionally cast on (you haven't lived until you've provisionally cast on over a hundred stitches ugh) then those stitches are picked up and bound off with an i-cord bind off. Then there is the hood and I think an i-cord bind off all around the hood and neck opening. So.....still a lot to go. However if it takes me all summer it will be ready in time for fall; exactly when I'll want to wear it.

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