June 11, 2010

June DAL

This month's theme was Fairy Lights. The Bug and I talked it over and she was determined to have yellow for the light in the yarn. I didn't want to do plain yellow yarn again. We decided on purple for the fairy with some yellow for the light. As you can see something went very wrong. Somehow. Not sure what happened. This was my first time using food coloring, McCormick's because that was easier to get than Wilton's. It was just the basic package so I had to mix my own purple. We dyed it in the pot and I poured the purple over in big splotches. After the dye had exhausted I added the yellow. Then....the above happened..... You can still see some purple. It's like the yellow mixed with the red in the purple and the blue went somewhere into the dyers black hole. Now I know it is hard to set blue and all I had was lemon juice so maybe that was part of it. Anyway. It is a happy surprise really. I like it. The Bug loves it. And of course anything that makes me think of Brian Froud makes me happy.


jcg said...

It's a great color. What are you going to make with it?

Meghan said...

i am thinking autumn.