June 13, 2010

Raspberries and then some

Raspberry-Cherry Pie. A very basic recipe as any pie recipe should be. Very good. OH! We'd gotten a pinto of pie cherries at the farmers market the day before we went raspberry picking. A pint is not enough to make a pie so why not add raspberries. They are ripe at the same time there must be a recipe, or, as it turns out, a couple hundred. Just the right amount of tang and sweetness.
Of course raspberry preserves.
This year The Bug is helping label the jams. R for Raspberry and S for Strawberry.
Also, because it is just too fancy to not blog about. Baby squash with goat cheese stuffed flowers. The owner of one of my favorite farms at my favorite farmer's market suggested doing this to the flowers. Is there anything more awesome than the person growing your food not only knowing a cool way to prepare but also being able to tell you to your face? Love it.

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Meghan said...

looks delicious! anything stuffed with goat cheese is yummy.