June 3, 2010

Too make matters worse

I'll confess to the two, and no they are not matching, socks on the needles.On the left is Vilai by Cookie A., really who else would do such cables and twisted stitches? On the right is an altered version of Diamond Lace Socks from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book. You see I wanted a complex sock now that I've come back to sock knitting. But it is so complex that I have to almost always be looking at it. Thus I started the diamond lace so I'd have something to knit when life needs something less complex or when I'm reading to The Bug. They are both yarns from the MS&W. The black is the same yarn I just used on Rasen. So I'm actually being really good using it now instead of letting it sit in the stash. See most things can be justified.

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