July 23, 2010

Bright as a Bug

This morning The Bug woke up to find this dress on her bed.I woke up to her asking how to put it on.
Then exclamations that it was the most beautiful dress ever.

And she's been twirling ever since.

Now this is sewing. Sewing and me we have a rocky relationship. At times I really want to make it work. Other times Sewing just ticks me off so much. This dress is a bit of both. I got the fabric in Virginia when I was visiting my parents. My mom got to explore a fabric store together; always fun. The pattern is from Etsy. I knew it was a Bug pattern as soon as I saw it; just as I knew the fabric was her as soon as I saw it. It seems with the sewing I enjoy the cutting out of the pieces the most. The fiddly sewing bits; meh. This dress was going great until the last two tiers. Those suckers are HUGE. And I'm not a fan of the tiny hems, I know they have their place, you can't hem a dress like you'd hem pants. But then pins and the iron and the pricking and the burning. I'm pretty sure the bottom of this dress is about a mile in circumference. The benefit is I made this dress for my lovely daughter. She appreciates and loves anything like this. And that makes all the frustration go away.


R said...

She's beautiful! (And the dress is too)

Meghan said...

love it! nice work. when did she become so grown up? sniff, sniff

jcg said...

Love it!! Love the dress and the girl in it.