September 19, 2010

Crazy Socks

Yup, pretty crazy. I had seen someone do this with two balls of Noro on Ravelry a while back and thought it would be fun.
The usual toe up, short row heel, a bit of increasing at the calf, three round stripes. The ribbing goes over my knees but in these pictures I folded it down to make a cuff (Mr. Gnome said it looked better this way). I was initially thinking of doing a corrugated rib, knit one color, purl the other, but when I got to that part on the first sock we were still in the car on our way home from Chicago. I can't do that kind of knitting without looking at it and I can't look at my knitting in the car. Also at that point on that sock; which is the one that start out green, the two balls were very similar and I figured it wouldn't look as striking anyway. They stay up really well. I'm not sure I'll ever wear them with a skirt or in any other way that you can see my entire crazy legs. A little too loud for my current personality, but you never know. I do know I like wearing knee highs under pants in the winter; so cozy!

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