September 15, 2010

Finally getting started

You know about Startitis (the beginning of lots of projects all at once) but sometimes I have the opposite; a reluctance to start a new project. The yarn and pattern are so nice and free of mistakes before you cast on.
And when the cast on is over 500 stitches for a kid's sweater, And they want you to crochet cast can get a bit daunting. Now I crochet cast on provisionally every time I do a toe up sock. I like it, it looks nice, it comes out easily, and when it's less than 10 stitches it's really easy and fast. Now when it's 522 stitches it's tedious and annoying. I'm convinced crochet hooks exist only to split apart yarn and drive a person mad.
But it does make a nice cast on and will look lovely around the ruffle.

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