September 7, 2010


Mr. Gnome and I have been watching the first season of Lost borrowed from the Library. This means watching an entire season in a week. Also a show that I've found takes some paying attention to; something I really like in a show. However this does affect the knitting. I was fixing a sweater and had gotten to the sewing it back up stage: sewing requires just looking at the knitting. Then I was going to cast on for a sweater for The Bug; the pattern has you crochet cast on 522 sts, lots of just looking at the yarn. Not wanting to do all of this at the same time I've been knitting squares.
These squares of which there are 95 are for a blanket. I've been making them on and off for about two years now. They are from the left over fingering, sport and DK yarns from various projects. They are all 4"x4"; roughly. I can make over two in an evening while watching Lost. Someday maybe I'll tell you about the book that goes along with this blanket, and then maybe even the wipe off board list. We'll see how much you can handle.

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