September 23, 2010

Sews the Word

Last weekend I was bitten by the sewing bug hard.

I made my little Bug a shirt. The pattern is from Sew Liberated. It's a tad short and I have plans to fix that. She really likes it. I got the fabric from the MIL this past summer when I was looking for more fabric for the yellow dress. I had thought it might work but decided against it because of the lack of white. It is perfect for this shirt however; and the Bug's favorite color, most of the time.

Also I made her some pajama pants; well her and her dolly. I traced the shape from a pair of pants she owns; a bit like Soule Mama has talked about on her blog. They fit fine, a bit long but that's for growing. You can barely tell but the fabric has mermaids all over it. It's a light flannel I got on the clearance rack and a local fabric store.
Who knows what all this sewing means. Or really what all this finished sewing means. I've been sewing for a bit; just not usually finishing stuff.

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