November 15, 2010

TV Stand

We've never really had an official TV stand. For a while it was a shelving unit that had been owned by various people in my family. Then it was an ex-record player holder that we found in out house in Vermont. This last one was been working for me at least for the last four years or so, Mr. Gnome, however never liked it. But we could never agree or reason the cost of anything else. Then we insulated the attic.
While removing random things from the attic we found the above piece of neat wood as well as a less interesting but useful piece of wood.
Mr. Gnome designed the above only having to purchase the legs. Then life happened. It got it's many coats of paint over the past few weeks in between everything else All the while being tripped over in the living room. Finally after about five coats of paint and three times over to make the stripes it is done and in place. I'm rather happy with it. It looks put together and cute. The Bug and I found the buckets and basket at an Antique Mall.


Meghan said...

it turned out great! where does one purchase legs? and what antique mall did you shop?

jcg said...

That looks great. Very clever