December 21, 2010


I made my self an apron. Maybe this isn't much of a confession. I like to cook, you know that, I've started sewing, you know that too.It's quite an apron and I've been working on it for some time. Every time I'd be cooking and get stuff on me I'd think about this apron. I like the top, it's less frumpy than some.
But what sold me was the back. I'm a sucker for lace up backs. Also helps with the de-frumping.
The fabric is all just random fabrics from random places. The ribbon here on the tops of the pocket was found at an antique mall as was the border on the bodice. This was a very involved bit of sewing and I really enjoyed it. Wow. Amazing. And now I have an apron.
Oh what? Confessions was plural....yes well... you see......I'm officially on a yarn diet........because of this. Is it February yet?


jcg said...

Love the apron!
I was soooo tempted by the Cookie A sock club. I'll live vicariously through yours. Sounds like so much fun.

R said...

I forgot to comment and tell you how adorable this apron is. You're wearing it well :)