December 8, 2010


Before Thanksgiving, back when we were talking about not having a tree again because of the cat, I got some shirts for Goodwill to make into a garland. I didn't really know how the garland would come together I just knew it would involve pieces of fabric. Largish ones no smaller than an adult's hand. Then we decided to try putting up the tree. It's worked out just fine by the way, Attica is mostly over it. Though I am glad we forgo the breakables. Anyhow, this left me with three half cut up shirts and no ideas. I thought about putting the garland on the tree but with still not plan and a tree to put up I lost my steam on the project.
Right around that time we went to the St. Louis Teacher's Recycle Center. I had a coupon for ten pounds. Wow, that's a lot of crafty goodness and they had some really neat and interesting things. With ten pounds worth of stuff I will be talking about this trip for a while. While there I found two metal hoops.
My brain worked on what to do with the bag of fabric and the bags of recycled stuff. Eventually it came together. Wreaths.
I'm glad I made the pieces of fabric to so big. Simply tie around the metal. Push them all together.
Bam, two wreaths. Fun was had by all.

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ariel said...

I love the wreath idea! After cutting out a lot of little peices of fabric the other day I found myself not wanting to throw the scraps away... I didn't and now I know what to do with them. Thanks!