January 30, 2011


For a long time I have envisioned a wall hanging to hold my knitting needles. A long time. I had my DPNs in a mason jar just thrown in there. It looked all crafty and cute but is a pain in the butt when you are trying to find five of the same needle. The circulars were kind of in a bowl but that really wasn't working and then they were kind of clipped together on a clothes pin; that Really wasn't working. Finally I sat down and came up with this. Then there was the cutting out the pieces and the folding the pieces and the sewing the pieces. Sometimes I find sewing to be So tedious.
But here it is in all of its glory. Pockets for the DPNs and for the circulars.
Separated by size. I do hope to tag them but we'll see.
All the circs hanging down all pretty. I really thought I had a size 10. I guess not.
The back muslin like stuff is an ex-hemp shower curtain. The blue is something I picked up in a remnant bin forever ago. My favorite color and my favorite flower.
Now the question is will I be good and put the needles neatly away in their pocket when I'm done? Here's hoping!

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